I'm excited to share my marketing journey with you so we can grow your business together.

I call myself a career marketer. Marketing is my genius zone.  I look at every situation with two lenses - the customer experience and business goals. I've been in the business of marketing for over 20 years!

I live just outside of Toronto where I have grown a wonderful city garden.  Time in nature and gardening is where I relax and generate new ideas and solve problems.

I have two adult children and a hubby who is not an Instagram Husband. I'm on my own there!

I'm a big fan of doing digital detoxes to focus on the things that matter and living your own unique life.  Don't get me wrong, I love Instagram and Pinterest, but you need time to have your own thoughts and ideas to be unique.

Your personal brand needs the authentic you to show up

i'm Jo-Ann Blondin

Your personal marketing mentor


I've been working in marketing for my entire career - always with the focus of getting results to show the impact on revenue.  I've always worked in emerging market areas, so I thrive in thinking outside the box for solutions.

I took a side-step in my corporate career to go to school to become a Nutritionist.  That was fun for a bit.  What I did learn was the many ways you are pulled as an entrepreneur and why you need to outsource parts of your life, so the focus remains on revenue.  

I'm super glad to have tried that.  Through it, my cooking skills improved a lot, as did my photography and social media skills.  It allowed me to have hands on experience with all the new media approaches and meet amazing people all over North America.  

You benefit from my time in corporate, as well as an entrepreneur.

I understand marketing and design

From planning to execution and tracking for results


Get to know me

I've always been the 'glass half full' person.  The one that includes people and gets invited to people's homes to help with design challenges.  

I'm a creative girl at heart.  It's my super power.  It's how I solve challenges by looking at problems with creative solutions.  In my results-based career, I found numbers make creativity even more fun.

You see, when what you do brings in more revenue for a client, a business, a charity or a cause, it means you are making an impact - and that changes lives.  It keeps people employed, it saves lives, it helps feed people and funds innovation.

Results-based marketing can do all that.  Great branding and design can make you interested and lead you to respond to a call to action.  You'll find me actively seeking out great design and taking courses to improve my foundations of branding, design and funnel building. 

I have a background in interior design, landscape design, advertising design and photography.  And 20+ years of assessing marketing designs that get a response.

When we work together, I'll bring my creative super powers to help you.

What I am PASSIONATE about

My Super Power revealed

I believe in life resumes.   Do more. Create memories.

- Jesse Itzler

I do my own home renovations.  I design the spaces, do the shopping, paint, install hardwood floors and back splashes.  My hubby is my partner in the reno work.  Google is my friend for "how to".  

I am a garden tour junkie.  If you ever want to join me, let me know. The tours are inspiration for ideas in my own garden.

I do a monthly tour of my city garden on YouTube.  I sent the link to 6 people and 12,000 people have watched the first video.  Wow!

I've been gluten free, cow dairy free and mostly sugar free since 2012.  Eating this way has allowed me to almost eliminate my headaches of 40 years.  And be medication free.  I enjoy sharing healthy food ideas and tips so we can all enjoy a good meal together.

We took a risk and bought a country property in a rural area 12 years ago.  If you like random cows and horses on your property, try rural living.

If I were to write a book it would be called "Adventures in City & County Life: keeping two gardens alive and eating with friends."   

I love calm adventures that create memories.  You won't find me jumping out of airplanes but will find me on flat water in a kayak or canoe whenever I can.

My Olympus camera and lenses come with me on adventures.  Getting up to see the sunrise and capture it on camera is so worth it.

I love learning, take several courses each year and actively listen to podcasts.

 Here's what I love doing beyond marketing


Companies I have worked for or with

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