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Indoor wine fridge-sized greenhouse – grow your own wheat grass and sprouts in style


Urban Cultivator

Urban Cultivator – a great way to grow herbs, wheat grass, and sprouts – in style

Hi Sprouts and Wheat Grass Lovers,

Ever wish you could grow your own herbs, sprouts and wheat grass in a small space, indoors AND in the winter?  Oh, and have it water itself too?  The Urban Cultivator is the answer on how to make it happen.

When the hubby cut this article out of the Star for me, I was in love with both my man (for thinking about me) and the product concept and sleek appearance.  This grow factory is the size of a beer/wine fridge and grows all your herbs, sprouts and wheat grass in one all-season indoor greenhouse.  And you can connect it to your water supply and it even waters it for you.  How awesome is that?

If I had $2,200 this would be in my house right now.  I grow herbs but the drought this summer was super hard on the quality and quantity of my supply.  The Urban Cultivator would absolutely be an ideal gift for cooks and gardeners.  (hint, hint, hint)

This super cool product was  promoted in the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail in the last couple of weeks.  Some the leading restaurants in Canada are using this sleek product as there is an amazing commercial version as well.  The residential product is a great looking item too.

Here is the Urban Cultivator video from 2011

And here is one of their latest showcasing the commercial version.

This product was also featured on The Dragon’s Den and has had an update (go to 22 minutes to see).

If I was remodeling my kitchen, this would be a must have as part of a design.  I can see so many ways I could use it right now in my current wellness-based home.  I like that it can either be installed under your counter or as a standalone island on wheels.  The product even has a butcher block that can be made in one of five different woods.  Another option is the glass on the door can be tinted, clear or imprinted with your custom brand message on it.

May you dream about greenhouses that grow your wellness a step away from your plate.

To greens and innovation,

Jo-Ann Blondin, your 9CupChallenge partner

Jo-Ann Blondin

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