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Jo-Ann Blondin Nutritionist Wellness Foodies Marketing

Hello Gorgeous,

I work with caring people like you who have experienced life.

You love it when people come together around the table and celebrate with food. The conversations, discussions and opportunities to learn from another happen when people take time to gather over food. You delight in surprising people with the awesome taste of the food that you create. You love being able to share your knowledge of farmers’ markets, where to find ingredients, what tastes good, how to eat healthy, wellness tips and you love to share your recipes.

I’m so happy to meet you. We’re going to have a blast together. I’m committed to helping people like you get comfortable with marketing and social media so you can share your wellness message to your community.

A Picture Says 1,000 Words — Instagram

One of the tools that I absolutely adore is Instagram. It’s so full of gorgeous images of food and it’s such a great way if you’re in the health industry to share your knowledge of food and provide wellness tips.

Did you know that over 700 million people are now on Instagram? This is the social tool you want to be on if you love food, want to share images of your food and want to engage with brands, peers and your community of followers.

You can follow me on Instagram here.

I love Instagram so much that I teach how to use it for business. You can download my free ebook on 14 Sweet Apps for Instagram here.

Pin It for Blog Traffic — Pinterest

Do you love Pinterest? Me too. Tip: My blogging buddies told me it’s their number one source of traffic to their blogs. I have a few boards that I think you would enjoy that will create inspiration for great food and ways to display it. (Psst: I’m over 50 so I even have a board for my Fabulous at 50 style sisters — because you are your brand everywhere you go!)

Gather Round The Table , Spring styling, Chalkboard oh heck, just follow all my boards here.  There is even one there for my canoe loving friends who want to throw a nature-based party (hint hint)

It’s All About the Groups — Facebook

Although I post daily to Instagram, I use Facebook to connect with the amazing people I’ve met on my journey. I also enjoy Facebook groups as this is where my communities of specific activities are. When you join a group you’re usually with like-minded people who share a common interest. Join my Facebook group Marketing for Wellness Foodies.

It Landed Me on TV — Twitter

I adopted Twitter first. Twitter got me on The Marilyn Denis Show for a digital detox (watch here). Follow me at @JoAnnBlondin.

Jo-Ann Blondin
Jo-Ann Blondin

So How Did a High Tech Marketer Get Into Nutrition?

I’ve had a fantastic career in marketing. From starting companies that are now billion dollar businesses to working on the Internet when it was being born, you might say I love launching and growing businesses with marketing. My role has always been in marketing communications — managing the brand and creating ads, billboards, mailing pieces, email programs, websites, videos, live events, and loyalty programs, plus mining databases to better understand customers so we could create the right campaign to drive results. My last role was in Digital Marketing working on Customer Experience across all digital channels. I worked with seasoned experts and inspirational youth to create programs that delighted our customers and built new relationships that we nurtured.

I’ve been doing programs that capture leads and turn them into sales for 25 years. As a results-based marketer, I loved knowing that my efforts were trackable and positively impacted the business.

Jo-Ann Blondin At Desk

Discovering Wellness Impacted My Health

When I was searching for my next position to make a meaningful impact, I focused on my own wellness. I saw the dramatic effects that changing my diet had on my health. I was able to drop my headaches of 40 years, get rid of chronic sinusitis, and stop taking my daily Aspirin, Advil, allergy pill and asthma medication.

I was so inspired by this change that I went back to school to become a Holistic Nutritionist so I could use my marketing skills to help spread the wellness message. I want to leave a legacy of inspiring others to eat for wellness through helping people like you in the health and wellness industry communicate better.

But First Instagram

Rather than tell you everything I know about marketing, I’m here to help you master Instagram first. Why? Because images sell food and lifestyle. This is the one channel that you absolutely need to be on to showcase images and connect with your audience. Get on the waitlist for my program Instagram For Wellness Foodies here.

One-to-One Coaching

If you want help with a specific area or are looking for a marketing expert who can help you develop a plan through action-oriented sessions, I’m taking only a small number of clients. My focus is on helping you to navigate what will create a result and what’s just busy work, and inspire you to take action. Book a discovery call here to see how we connect.

Blogging Love

My blog will be changing over time to include marketing tips with a focus on visual ways to showcase food. We eat first with our eyes, then with our mouth, so you’ll find ideas, accounts that you should check out, marketing best practices and stories that I’ll share. Of course there will still be recipes and other ebooks to help you bring people to the table together.

Come Join Me at the Table

I want to bring you all to the Adult Table. We’re going to pull up our big girl panties and change the way people eat together. We are a movement. We can inspire.

See you at the table Beautiful,



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Jo-Ann Blondin Professional Bio

Professional Bio

Jo-Ann Blondin is an award winning results-based marketer who brings 25 years of experience to the table. She’s launched companies, repositioned start-ups and has rebranded and managed brands. She’s an expert on marketing communications (digital/print/events) that create results which drive revenue.

Having experienced her own wellness journey, Jo-Ann went back to school to become a nutritionist. By changing her diet, she dropped weight and was able to stop all the medications she took to control allergies, sinus challenges, and migraines. For the first time in 40 years, she’s now headache free. She’s gluten-, dairy- and sugar-free and eats primarily plant-based foods.

Jo-Ann’s goal is to help the wellness community do a better job of communicating and to help bring everyone back to the table to connect over delicious food.

Jo-Ann Blondin Nutritionist Wellness Foodies Marketing
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