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Work with Me Jo-Ann Blondin
Hello Gorgeous

Welcome.  I’m so happy we found each other.  We’re about to start an exciting adventure together.  I have so many marketing tips and solutions that I’m just dying to share with you.

You’ve just finished nutrition school, or are currently still in school, or maybe you completed it a year ago and just want to start making money.  You’re wondering how to launch your business.  What courses should you take?  How can you start bringing in money to pay your bills?

I know you want to improve your marketing and are looking for inspiration.  I’m here to teach you some of the skills I’ve learned in my 25-year career in marketing.

Feeling Overwhelmed With the Overwhelm
Jo-Ann Blondin Work with Me

Are you confused about branding, online marketing, sales funnels, social media and what to write?  Or does this sound like I’m speaking in another language to you? 

As a seasoned marketing communications leader, I know it can all seem overwhelming.  And if this is your first time doing marketing, then you’re not just learning from the firehose, you’re learning from Niagara Falls. 

But don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to plan out your launch, website and social media channels.  There’s a lot to do.  It all takes action and knowing where to start is the key. 

You Need a Plan, Ms. Fabulous

Yes, you do.

I bet you were inspired by your own health to attend nutrition school and now you feel fabulous.  You’re full of positive thinking and feel that the universe will help you get there by doing daily mantras and being kind.  Sorry to break your bubble – great intentions are just that.

You need to bring action to the table to make it happen.

You wouldn’t plan out your child’s birthday party with good intentions only – you make it happen.  You’ve been able to take action your whole life but for some reason you’re doubting your ability to make this happen.  That’s because there’s a lot to learn and the end goal, unlike a birthday party, isn’t clear.

That said, you need to bring your good intentions and positive mindset to the table.  With action and mindset you’ll see great things happen!

Work with Me Jo-Ann Blondin
Your Personal Marketing Mentor
Jo-Ann Blondin

Together we’ll establish how you want to show up, discuss your brand, discuss revenue targets and visibility goals.  You’ve a lot to give to your specific community. 

Although I love the support of a big group, I find that when it comes down to doing your plan, you want a small focused group or one very experienced person helping you out.  Sharing all your ideas in a big group can lead to confusion and, unfortunately, others liking your ideas, improving upon them and using it before you do and that can be frustrating. 

Instead, let’s get you going on building your ideas and executing them with action for revenue.

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My Style – Telling You Like It Is
Work with Me Jo-Ann Blondin

I’m known for being direct, passionate, a quick study, super creative and a continuous learner.  I appreciate colour, white space and clean design.  I love a great headline and a strong call to action.  I do cartwheels for amazing results (well I would do cartwheels if I could, haha) and I get excited to hear about failures. 

Oh yeah baby, every great marketer has made mistakes.  Lots of them.  That’s how we learn. 

Sure, some will tell you they never messed up – but then they likely never had a chance to make decisions or had to take responsibility for the actions of a team.  I’m here to tell you, mistakes are how we learn.  But in marketing we call it testing.  We test what works and what doesn’t.  That’s why tracking results is so important.

I’m so into tracking results that when you do coaching with me, that’s where we end and start each session.  Why?  Because when you focus on results instead of action lists, stuff gets done that creates revenue.

Marketing is My Passion – Good News for You

I’ve been tracking results for 25 years.  You got that right – my entire career. 

I started in direct marketing where it was all about results.  Then I moved into database marketing where we tracked clients’ spending habits and did predictive modeling to see how they might spend in the future.  My next step was on to internet marketing.  I was designing email programs and making websites back in the days when the Internet was a baby – so much of a baby that I was part of the first commercial Internet here in Canada as my next job.  

I worked in high tech marketing where things change super fast.  Not only does marketing technology change quickly, but the products and services in high tech need to change quickly too.  So I get speed to market.  I get the hustle that’s needed for success.

My career in marketing communications involved branding, events, preparing speakers for large client-facing events, and creating online programs that included emails, newsletters, webinars and websites for the public and internal sites for sales and marketing.  I worked on five-year digital technology evolution plans so we could bring in social media in a respectful way to the company without destroying the existing customer support channels and at the same time upgrade our sites to be mobile responsive and user centric. 

I also created brochures, spec sheets, postcards, mailing programs and promotional items.  My team and I did it with one voice to our clients.  Learning how to create a voice for others is easy.  Doing your own voice is way harder.  That’s why you need a marketing expert on your side. 

The best part of my job was leading and being a mentor to others.  That’s what inspired me to bring my game to work every day. 

Work with me Jo-Ann Blondin
Work with Me Jo-Ann Blondin
I Fell in Love With Wellness – Like You!
Banner Jo-Ann Blondin

When I was searching for my next position to make a meaningful impact, I got into wellness.  I saw the dramatic effects that changing my diet had on my health.  I was able to drop my headaches of 40 years, get rid of chronic sinusitis, stop taking my daily aspirin, Advil, allergy pill and asthma medication.  Other challenges cleared up too. 

I was so inspired by this change that I went back to school to learn about nutrition so I could use my marketing skills to help spread the wellness message.  I want to leave a legacy of inspiring others to eat for wellness by helping the industry communicate better.

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Does Not Having a Wellness Business Make Me Unable to Help You?
Jo-Ann Blondin Professional Bio

Not at all!  In fact, it’s better this way. 

Would you expect every agency that works on cars to make cars, or an agency that creates beer ads to make beer?  Would you expect a Cola company to hire a marketing person to do their marketing while still employed by another cola company?  No, you wouldn’t. 

You’d expect them to understand the language of the industry, the pains of the customer and how you can get your own unique story out that resonates with customers and activates a sale. 

So don’t be forced into thinking you need to hire someone who has both a thriving wellness business and a marketing business to help the wellness industry grow.  My focus is on you and your business – not on competing with you for customers. 

In the end, you’re in business to make money.  Becoming an entrepreneur is a lot of work.  Before, at your corporate job, you were great at your area of expertise.  You knew the rules of the game and how to excel.  Now, as an entrepreneur, the rules are different, the team you relied on to get stuff done is no longer there as resources and there’s no safety net of a biweekly paycheque to pay your bills.

Do You Need to Work Crazy Hours To Be Successful?

Let’s be honest here.  You can and must define your own success. 

Forget about the rags to riches stories you hear.  Such successes are few and far between.  These people hustled and used weekends and evenings along with the daylight to make it happen.  They loved what they do so it didn’t feel like work.

For you, Gorgeous, I know you’re in the second half of life and working evenings and every weekend is not where you thought you’d be.  I want you to really think about how much money you’d like to make in your first year.  It takes time to ramp up, so if you need a second job (or bridge job as it’s called) then do it. 

Knowing your goals and working to a plan will help you figure out how to get there quicker.

Jo-Ann Blondin
Let’s Get Your Marketing Mentor Working With You

Together we can create a plan that works for you.  I can help you with your marketing, and put you in touch with the people and technology to make it happen or teach you how to do it yourself.

By assisting you with your marketing, I know I can help more people.  Marketing is my strength.  Helping others with their wellness journey is your strength.

You have this.  You can do anything with a marketing expert working alongside you.

Ready to Discuss how We Can Work Together?

I’m accepting a limited number of new clients at the moment.  Book a 20-minute “get to know each other” call. 

Book Your 20 Minute Get to Know Each Other Call

Work with Me Jo-Ann Blondin
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