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Why I signed up to the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program by Meghan Telpner


Hello Continuous Learning,

As I launch my biz, one of services I will be offering is cooking classes in my home.  My kitchen is ideal for sharing knowledge as I have a good sized peninsula and a large harvest table to sit around.  It seems like the kitchen is where everyone likes to hang in my house so it seems right to hold classes there.

I also believe that in order to make your wellness journey work for you, you need to learn to love your kitchen again.  I am not talking about having to renovate, I am just talking about moving the mail and empty fast food boxes off the counter and start making real food again.  You will be surprised how great it all tastes with a bit of training.

As many of you know, I already am a good cook (blushing) and love to share what I have learned in my wellness journey. I want the experience to be amazing for everyone who comes to my home so I have signed up to learn more about how to teach nutritional cooking classes.  I selected Meghan Telpner to teach me in her Culinary Nutrition Expert program.

Meghan has been teaching nutritional based cooking classes in her home for 5 years and for the last 2 years has been doing the Culinary Nutrition Expert program in her home as well. She has taken all the information she has been sharing in person and created an impressive online program that is geared for people who want to learn at a higher level. The program gives you lifetime access to all the teaching videos and does work to a specific release and assignment dates.  The program is really for nutritionists, naturopathic doctors, holistic dentists, chefs, and any one else who has a love of nutrition and wants to teach others about cooking in the kitchen.  Sounds like me so I signed up.

At first I was not immediately drawn to Meghan as she is a bit quirky and goofy at times and I thought it might get irritating, however after I took one of her online courses, I grew to really enjoy her quirky, goofy nature.  It makes her real and fun to watch.  And when she has mistakes while video taping, she laughs and has fun with it – as we should all do with our kitchen misadventures.

UnDiet Meal Prep Made Easy

So who is Meghan Telpner the self called nutritionista.  She is the woman behind the bestselling book UnDiet, and she has put her unique, entertaining and inspiring approach to health education in a  truly one-of-a-kind learning experience.

She has this unique way of presenting nutrition and healthy living in a way that makes it really fun, approachable and not at all intimidating. There is no judgement for sure. What’s also kinda special about Meghan is that she won’t ever preach one kind of eating to you. She’s not pro-vegan, or pro-meat, or anti this or that. She just really wants people to pay attention to their food, skip the processed stuff and learn how to best discern what our own bodies need.  Again, this sounds like my philosophy so I know I can learn from her.

She also has this really good creed that she created.  Might I also add she is very good a marketing so yet another mark in her favour.  I like to learn from people who do things really well and have fun while doing it and Meghan is a good fit for me.

Meghan Telpner headshot

Meghan Telpner

Meghan’s Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is changing the way we are able to learn about nutrition- and not just learn it, but teach it too.  There is nothing being offered like this anywhere that includes basic natural nutrition expertise combined with culinary nutrition, food prep and cooking skills. Through this program, I will become certified as a Culinary Nutrition Expert and if you are interested, you can join too.

I would love to be taking this program with a friend or too.  If you do decide to sign-up, please use the links in this post as I do make a small commission which helps me to continue my own education and support this blog.

I have met people who took the class in person and know several people who are doing the first edition of the online program right now and they LOVE it.  One person is a school teacher who is taking the coarse for personal growth and the other person is a nutritionist just like me.  Interestingly the people who I know who took the coarse in person are nutritionists as well.  Seems like Meghan found a great way to add to our education.

I encourage you to head on over to and check out this program. I’m thinking you might just love it and find yourself enjoying Meghan’s quirky, fun nature.

The program starts March 2014.  Meghan is hosting a live webinar about the program THIS WEDNESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 20th- 8pm EST / 5 pm PST. This is your chance to ask your questions and have them answered. She will also be offering a VIP behind the scenes tour of the program so you can see the set-up. You must be registered to get access to the call.  Signup for more info on the Culinary Nutrition Expert program and I am sure you will get details on the webinar.

In the meantime, expect more recipes, wellness tips and personal growth sharing from me along with exciting news about my own course that will launch soon.

To your wellness journey and finding a team to help you grow,


Jo-Ann Blondin,

Your Wellness Cheerleader and 9 Cup Challenge partner



Jo-Ann Blondin

Hello Gorgeous.
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It is my goal to help spread the wellness message by helping wellness businesses with their marketing so we can inspire many people together.

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