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Living an amazing life with the 9CupChallenge – what is it and what inspired me to create it

  1. […] what a journey the last year has been.  Today I am celebrating one year of being gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free and […]

  2. […] week has been amazing.  A huge THANK YOU to Julie Daniluk for her awesome tweet on the 9CupChallenge what is it and what inspired me to create […]

  3. Ellen says:

    Is it 9 cups cooked or raw?

    That looks like a lot of ginger – do you use all of it?

    • Hi Ellen,

      Cooked or Raw – that is a great question. If you don’t eat veggies now, start with lightly steaming your veggies so your body get comfortable with the extra fibre you are adding. If you currently eat lots of steamed veggies, start making more of them raw. What I have read is that your plate should be 60-80% raw so you get lots of the natural plant enzymes with every meal. Plant enzymes help with digestion. For Canadians in the winter or any other cold weather climate, going completely raw might be challenging. This winter, I adjusted my completely raw eating approach to include more veggie soup, steamed veggies and stir-fry as I was just too cold all the time, and the adjustment helped. In the late spring, I will likely go back to all raw. Either way, start slowly, be kind to yourself and ease into veggies and raw food.

      Yes the ginger is a large amount. I like a lot of ginger but again, I worked up to the amount. I find organic ginger is full of flavour and therefore you use less. I started with a centimeter of ginger and worked myself up. Sometimes I add bitter veggies to my green juice to aid in my digestive healing and the extra ginger makes it more enjoyable to drink. Before I started eating this way, I bought ginger twice in my life and watched it rot. Now I used it for teas, cooking, dressings and green juice.

      Search on Green Juice on my blog and you will get several recipes.

      Enjoy the 9CupChallenge.


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