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Pomegranates – bursting with antioxidants + how to get into the fruit

  1. […] Here is a visual reference for the future to get into the amazing seeds of the pomegranate or you can read my post for full directions. […]

  2. Lara says:

    Thanks for instructions and photos! I bought some today to try out – 9 pomegranates for $2 at Farm Boy from the bargain produce section! (Farm Boy has very high standards for their produce and puts anything with a slight blemish in their discount area). I’m eating them as I cook some meals for the freezer – yummy!

    • Lara, glad you could try breaking in to a pomegranate today. You have to love stores that take the quality of their produce seriously. That reminds me I still have some to enjoy….off to my fridge I go for dessert. I bet they would taste good with some dark chocolate from GiddyYoYo. Have cooking the meals for your freezer.

      • Lara says:

        I also made pomegranate juice a couple different ways. First I tried squeezing the juice out via a potato ricer, which works well but is a lot of work. Then I just dumped the seeds in the blender, ground them up for a few seconds, and then drained the juice through a sieve. That works great and is very easy. Two pomegranates makes approximately 3/4 of a cup.

        Also, I learned that if you leave the seeds in the fridge for 3 days, they will start to ferment. That might lead to some interesting wine or liqueur options, but was not really what I was going for!

      • Thanks Lara for sharing your ways to make pomegranate juice. I will make some pomegranate juice tonight with the blender suggestion. I found that leaving the paper towel over the top of the mason jar, the pomegranate seeds lasted longer than 3 days but agreed, they do start to ferment after that so plan to enjoy them soon after you prepare them.

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