Having staff leave unexpectedly or needing to remove a critical team member, can leave you with both the burden of hiring the right person and keeping existing work flow and team management moving forward.

Sure, you could put someone in the 'Acting Leadership Role' but frankly, this usually leaves a negative impact on your team. Typically, you appoint the most qualified personnel, but they may not be ready for the role. The team knows they are temporary and have a hard time respecting their peer as a leader. It adds extra stress for your top performer, stretches them, then makes them realize it’s time to move on to a company that wants to hire them. In the end, your team gets disrupted, egos flare, and you likely have your top performer leave when your new long-term hire comes in.

That’s where I come in.
• I can help you move your team forward without the internal politics and dynamics of an acting leader.
• You’ll get my 20+ years of team management along with my full range of marketing skills.
• You’ll focus on the right long term fit for your business – even if it takes months to find the ideal candidate.
• Your business will keep moving forward as you focus on your role and business. 

Lead your team

Short term executive Leadership

Marketing executive leadership while you search for the ideal long term fit

I'm ready to help you with

Let's Keep your team engaged

what they're saying

" Jo-Ann devotes herself to understanding the customer journey to ensure the Marketing activities create qualified leads, converting to sales leads and ultimately to opportunities to engage with clients.

Jo-Ann's leadership in Marketing is second to none."

Joseph Luk
Team Lead - Complex Deals and Proposal Management Group
Bell Canada - Business Markets

"Her years of experience in large corporations and with entrepreneurs means Jo-Ann was able to quickly assess my brand.

I'm so fortunate to have Jo-Ann in my corner.

Eve Gaudet CEC, PCC
Executive Coaching and Leadership Facilitation

"You seldom meet folks who empower others with their passion and energy like Jo-Ann does.

A true leader with ability to form strong strategic synergies all across the organization to move the business forward."

Bilal Jaffery
Intelligent Marketing, AI & Digital Transformation Leader, Deloitte’s AI Practice

"Jo-Ann keeps you focused on the areas of your business that make revenue and skillfully shows you how to plant seeds for the future.

Jo-Ann helps you focus your ideas into business results"

Karen Craggs-Milne
Founder & CEO at Conscious Equality Inc

I'm an award winning marketer.  I have been delivering marketing programs that generate leads and revenue for over 20 years.

I've worked in agencies, corporate, small businesses and with entrepreneurs.  I understand how to get things done in large organizations and how to empower teams so they feel part of the solution and embrace change.

I specialize in customer experience.  I think first with the customer.  How can we delight the customer we are trying to attract.  How can we create a digital or in-person experience that is on brand and leaves the customer wanting more from our company.

I have worked in change management, process improvement and brand integration of new acquisitions.  I have also helped small businesses and owners understand their company's brand and their own personal brand. 

Delivering an on-brand customer experience that leads to positive results is what I do best!

owner and YOur Marketing Mentor



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This is a space to formally introduce yourself and tell your customer why you are qualified for the job. Achievements, awards, where you've been featured, and the like are perfect here!

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owner, project manager



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