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Is it time for a Digital Detox? 7 signs you might need one

  1. I too have been welded to my ‘gadgets,’ especially my iPhone. Then my fella got a smart phone and started surfing online and checking email when we’re together … guess what, I don’t like it! It’s made me more mindful of my own habits. I find social media can be very alluring and a real time absorber … it’s easy to get caught up in connecting with people we don’t even know, while ignoring those we care about most. I need to think about how to enjoy social media time mindfully, and ensure I’m more present for the moments that really count. Thanks for your helpful tips!

    • Hi Marlene,

      Seeing a partner mirroring how we use our phones/technology is usually the wake-up call we need to make changes. Connecting with the ones we love is the most important. I do find with little ones, it is easy to be 100% present. Glad you found the tips useful.


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