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Visions of a future veggie garden and lessons in Permaculture – a quiet revolution

  1. […] salad.  This salad is a favourite for me – particularly in the summer when I can head to the farmer’s market and enjoy local produce.  For now, heading to my local organic store and picking up the […]

  2. […] you still have time, check out the video I posted on Permaculture and take in the wonderful collection veggies and fruit that will have you longing for warmer […]

  3. Your photos of luscious produce are, well – luscious! Especially lovely to look at on a freezing-cold winter’s day.

    • Thanks Katherine,

      Yes, I am the one you see taking pictures at the farmer’s market. I just love the way each market has its own personality and way of displaying vegetables and fruit. One of my personal favourite in Ontario is the Belleville Farmer’s Market as it has the bounty of the County at its doorstep plus lots of organic vendors to select from too. I love a good chat with real farmer – you learn a lot about seeds, soil, drought and community from them. It is easy to take the pictures but a lot harder to grow the actual food. Another great market is the Guelph Farmer’s Market. It has a wonderful youthful urban feel with so many of the shoppers being from Guelph University.

      If you want to see a list of great farm experiences, check out my sister’s blog at which provides great ideas for the National Capital Region in both Ontario and Quebec.

      If you or other readers know of great Farmer’s Markets, please share them and I will add them to my list to check out. And then you might just see me with a camera around my neck and bags of fresh veggies and fruit waiting to be eaten.


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