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Yoga and why I stopped and started

In Malaysia at Upward Yoga Studio in 2012.  Even vacation over seas did not stop me from my practice.  I was blessed to have Ninie Ahmad lead the class.

In Malaysia at Upward Yoga Studio in 2012. Even vacation over seas did not stop me from my practice. I was blessed to have Ninie Ahmad lead the class.

Hello My Yoga Mat,

I missed you.  For over a year I was doing yoga and Pilates up to 5 times a week.  Recently, my wrist started to really hurt me – as in constant pain.  So when I visited my chiropractor, I asked if I should continue with yoga.  He replied with a “listen to your body”.  So I took a break – one that was timed with my vacation.  Instead I did hikes, cycling, canoe trips, kayaking and swimming.  I actually did a long swim that I challenge myself to every year at my parents cottage.  And after that swim, my wrist hurt but it was not constant any more.

Last week, I was totally focused on completing case studies for my year end exam with school and used Pilates and yoga as a reward for getting my work done.  While that is a good motivator, it also means you might not get there in time or will miss the class altogether.  I made it to one Pilates class and the teacher’s car broke down so I did my own routine as I had committed to being there.  The next day I attended a yoga class.  And boy did I realize how much I missed it.

I slept better, my back was not as tight, my breathing improved and my posture was straighter.

So I committed to going as part of my day – not as a reward for good behavior.

Yesterday and today I did Pilates and yoga and it felt amazing.  I pushed myself and tried to keep up but was surprised how much flexibility and core strength I had lost in just a month of different routines to keep active. Today after yoga, I left with a smile and determination that I will rebuild my flexibility, core strength and stability.

I do think it is important to listen to your body and to include other activities to ensure all your muscles get a chance to shine and to reduce the repetitive strain from doing the same exercise every day.  That is why I mix up Pilates and yoga and go to different instructors.  And on the weekends in the warmers months, I get outside to do activities that are available for a short time only.

If you have tried yoga or Pilates and you have not attended lately, I encourage you to recommit.  You will find it a great way to manage stress and reduce muscle pain.  Even once a week will help.  And if you have never tried one or the other, why not give them a try this month.

Drop me a note below and let me when you will attend your next yoga or Pilates class.  I will send you a note to cheer you on!

And if you are in Malaysia, why not check out Upward Yoga.

To recommitting to yoga and Pilates.


Jo-Ann Blondin, you 9CupChallenge partner





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