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Memories of Fresh Peas, Puns and Picton

Fresh Peas from The County - Copyright Jo-Ann Blondin

Fresh Peas from The County

Hello Fun Pun Food,

When I was a little girl, my family went to Picton and Sandbanks in the summer.  It was just over an hour drive from our home near Kingston.  I recall the ferry, the town of Picton and the ever so large sand dunes.  Memories so fond that when I had my own children, we took them to Sandbanks and Picton every summer for at least a week of camping fun.  Now that my kids are grown, the hubby and I cycle in The County including Picton and hit the Farmer’s Markets along the way as well as some of the wineries.

One of the best food memories of The County is fresh peas.  We would go to the farm and the person on duty would reach into the fridge and give us some freshly picked peas.  That would be a snack for the beach if it made it back to our campsite before being consumed in the car.  I know that if I want to score love points with the hubby, I just need to bring him a bag of fresh peas.  And it turns out, even our dog loves peas – just the shells that is.  He loves the crunch and sucks some of the juice from them and then barks for another one.

A few weeks ago, I had some very young children up to Riverbend and I shared my Dad’s favourite pun when you serve peas in the pod and one drops.  You say “Oh you pea’d on the floor”.  It would appear that if you are 7 or above  this is funny but to those under 6, the pun is lost.  But we had a great time saying it over and over again.

And I now have created a new memory with peas at Riverbend with peas I purchased at the Belleville Farmer’s Market from the very farm we used to go to when my children were small.  Thanks goodness this is a farm that has stood the test of time.

Do you have a favourite food from your childhood that you have shared through the generations?  I would love to hear your story. Just leave me a comment below.
Fresh Peas from The County - Copyright Jo-Ann Blondin

Fresh Peas from The County ready for a Pun

To fresh peas and puns,

Jo-Ann Blondin, your 9CupChallenge partner

Jo-Ann Blondin

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