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Fabulous at 50 – Big Goals for the future


Jo-Ann Blondin - Fabulous at 50 Copyright Jo-Ann Blondin/Scott Law

Jo-Ann Blondin – Fabulous at 50 with a balloon shoutout from my son

Hello Fabulous,

I made it – Fabulous at 50!!!!

I set a goal and I achieved it. I wanted to feel Fabulous at 50 and last week I celebrated my 50th birthday with family and friends feeling Fabulous.

The journey to Fabulous has been amazing. Not only did I drop weight, leave my headaches of 40 years behind, stop taking medications to control allergies, went back to school – I also learned a lot about myself and made wonderful new friends along the way.

Wow – I still can’t believe I did it. And now I find myself needing to set new goals so I stay focused on eating well, doing my yoga, practicing mindfulness and practicing deep breathing.

I have always been goal oriented, so this week, I will start to assemble my new vision board to help me focus on what is important for all aspects of my life.

Have you used vision boards to help with goal setting and have tips you can share?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below.


Sunset at Riverbend July 4 2013 Copyright Jo-Ann Blondin

Sunset at Riverbend July 4 2013 – Reflections on a life


Today, as I reflect upon my goals, I can’t help but think of Jacob who passed away a year ago today. He was a determined young man who set a goal to walk again after flesh eating disease left him in a wheelchair. Not only did he walk again, he also went on to chef school and then his first job out in Val Marie, Saskatchewan where he served my family a wonderful meal. He was also my daughter’s roommate for a while and was super friendly and kind when she arrived last year.  I reflected on our trip and Jacob last year. Jacob set goals and achieved them in a short life time. Last night as I reflected upon his passing and contributions, I saw one of the most amazing sunsets of my life. Maybe there is a message there – to live life to the fullest and be grateful for the friends, family and life we live each day. The rewards might just be an amazing end to your day.

As I set new goals, I know they will be around helping others on their wellness journey, launching my business as a Holistic Nutritionist, looking after my own health so I have energy to do my personal best each day and taking the time to cherish family and friends.

Thank you to all of you who have been part of my life, to those who we have lost – you are remembered, and to my new friends. I am grateful for how you have all shaped me.

Sunset at Riverbend July 5 2013 Copyright Jo-Ann Blondin

Sunset at Riverbend July 5 2013 – A year of growth

Oh Deer - Nature sightings - Copyright Jo-Ann Blondin

Oh Deer – Nature sightings – the more I am grateful, the more nature shows me how beautiful she is

Tonight, we were treated to another beautiful sunset and a visit by a very cute and friendly young deer (doe).  The more I am grateful for, the more nature sends gifts.

May your day be filled with achievable, lofty, bold goals, amazing people who support you and beautiful sunsets that leave you in awe of the beauty of this wonderful world.

To being Fabulous at 50.

Jo-Ann Blondin, your 9CupChallenge partner

Jo-Ann Blondin

Hello Gorgeous.
So glad we connected. I truly believe that in order to change the way people eat, you need to provide great images and stories that inspire people to change their current habits.

I am a Holistic Nutritionist, a Culinary Nutrition Expert, a plant-based professionally trained cook and I have over 25 years of marketing experience in programs that drive results for all kinds of businesses.

It is my goal to help spread the wellness message by helping wellness businesses with their marketing so we can inspire many people together.

Read about my journey, wellness tips and recipes at and follow me daily on Instagram @JoAnnBlondin

Please be sure to check with your medical team before you implement the ideas in this blog. The owner of this blog takes no responsibility for any action that you may take as a result of reading this blog. The reader takes all responsibility.

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  1. You DO look fabulous at 50 Joanne! Thanks for sharing your journey to wellness. You’re an inspiration! You captured the deer beautifully! Dawn

    1. Thanks for the warm thoughts Dawn. Glad you liked the deer – she sure was beautiful. Thanks for the heads up that we was coming to visit. Jo

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