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The Flax Seed Grind – Learn how to grind your own flax seed

The Flax Seed Grind Copyright Jo-Ann Blondin

The Flax Seed Grind

Hello Nutritional Powerhouse,

I love getting flax seed into my diet every day. It really is so good for you.  Flax seeds have Omega 3 fatty acids, are a good source of fibre and contain phytochemicals called lignans. In order to get the maximum nutritional benefit from your flax seed, you need to buy them ground or grind them yourself. Grinding the flaxseed yourself has several benefits:

  • Maximum nutritional value
  • You know they are fresh
  • It is cheaper to buy them as seeds and grind them
  • You can buy in bulk and use what you need for a few weeks to keep it fresh

I thought I would share how I do it. My son purchased this great grinder for his steel cut oats which he grinds and puts into smoothies.  I also use if for flax seeds, kelp, chia, raw cocoa nibs, and yes coffee beans.  We clean it each time.

The Flax Seed Grind


  • 1 cup whole Flax Seed


  1. Pour whole flax seed into the lid of your grinder so that is it about 1/2 full (about 1/2 cup).
  2. Pour the amount in your lid into the grinder.
  3. Press the grinder on button and start grinding.  When you hear the sound change, you are likely done.
  4. Turn the grinder over and pulse once to remove any of the ground seeds from under the blade.  With the grinder still inverted, remove the lid.
  5. Pour the ground flax seed into a glass container with a snap lid or a mason jar.
  6. Store in the freezer for when you need them.

Uses for ground flax seeds

  • In smoothies like Maca Madness.
  • On salads as a tasty-nutty topping.
  • In soups and stews – to thicken it up a bit.
  • In oatmeal or Wholesome-Meal.
  • On cold cereal.
  • On yogurt with berries.


  • Storing Flax seeds – keep in your chest freezer to keep as fresh as possible and take out when you need them.  You can grind the seeds right out of the freezer.
  • Storing ground flax seeds, – they keep for two weeks in the freezer in your fridge.
  • Be sure to drink more water when you are consuming flax seeds as they need the extra liquid to move through your body.

Leave me a comment on your favourite way to use flax seeds.

To bringing more goodness into your kitchen and your body.


Jo-Ann Blondin, your 9CupChallenge partner

Jo-Ann Blondin

Hello Gorgeous.
So glad we connected. I truly believe that in order to change the way people eat, you need to provide great images and stories that inspire people to change their current habits.

I am a Holistic Nutritionist, a Culinary Nutrition Expert, a plant-based professionally trained cook and I have over 25 years of marketing experience in programs that drive results for all kinds of businesses.

It is my goal to help spread the wellness message by helping wellness businesses with their marketing so we can inspire many people together.

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  1. I grind flax seeds almost every day to eat with Greek yogourt and berries. It never occurred to me to turn the grinder upside down and pulse to empty it, or to empty the ground flax into the cup. Such a “why didn’t I think of that?” moment! Thanks for the helpful tips!

    1. Marlene, that sounds like a great snack. Hope the tips make your Flax seed grinding a quicker experience.

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