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Hello Winter #GetOutsideToday and enjoy the snow

  1. It’s important to always focus on what’s to enjoy or appreciate about the weather, no matter now cold, wet or gloomy it is. Otherwise we fall into the trap of waiting and wishing our life away, or allowing the environment to dominate our moods. Not always easy to do, but just taking the first step is important. I actually walked into the village near my home one sunny afternoon last week. Not a long walk, or seemingly a big deal, until you realize that I have a sometimes debilitating fear of falling due to the fact that I’ve had three falls on black ice in the last 20 years that have resulted in broken bones. It felt wonderful to overcome that fear and enjoy my walk! So yes, let’s enjoy the beauty of the snow while it’s still here.

  2. Sandy says:

    Hey Jo_Ann – I would LOVE to get outside in the snow, but I did get outside in the SUN – in QLD and absolutely it always makes me feel better!!!

    • Hi Sandy, Lucky you to have summer right now and so happy you did get out in the Sun and that it made you feel better. Thanks for dropping by the site. I love making connections from around the globe. Have a super day, Jo-Ann

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