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Looking for a new star in your salad – Try Watermelon Radish

Watermelon Radish Copyright Jo-Ann Blondin

Hello New Veggies,

You have to try a veggie that I just tried: Watermelon Radish.  This radish will play a starring role in your next salad.

I was in my local organic food store and they had a pile of them and had one cut open on display.  What a gorgeous sight!  They are green on the outside and a lovely pink on the inside.  And it was organic as well.

What a delightful radish to add colour and flavour to a salad.  You will just love the visual impact it makes.  I enjoyed trying this radish and highly recommend you purchase it should you see it.  The flavour was mild with a lingering heat and when added to a salad, it was not overpowering despite its large visual presence.

Winter Veggies and Fruit at the Guelph Organic Show 2014

Winter Veggies and Fruit at the Guelph Organic Conference 2014

And its Local and a Winter veggie

Watermelon Radish is a local vegetable and is considered a winter vegetable.  I was pleased to them on display at the Guelph Organic Conference so of course snapped one up.  I was delighted to learn how many other veggies are considered winter veggies.  Did you know parsnip, carrots, beets, black radish and celeriac root are all winter veggies and apples are winter fruit too.  Winter fruit and veggies mean they are picked late in the season and store really well.  In fact, some items get even better tasting with time.  Check out these Prince Red Apples that were featured last week in the Toronto Star (click here).

Watermelon Radish and Apple Salad Copyright Jo-Ann Blondin

Go ahead and Make a Salad

Make this delicious and colourful salad with Watermelon Radish, apple, walnuts and spinach. Just start with boxed spinach, add some thinly sliced apple, watermelon radish thinly sliced and cut in half and add walnuts.   Top with a dressing made of 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 2 tbsp olive oil and 1 tsp Dijon mustard that has been combined.  The salad will impress you with its vibrant colours and the taste is great too.   It is a nice flavour of sweet from the apple, and a bit of heat from the radish.

Get some heat going with your partner

The hubby and I also used the colourful radish like a cracker for hot peppers and it was a very hot treat.  Warning: this is a hot dish and not for everyone.

This Week’s 9 Cup Challenge

When you are out shopping for groceries this week, purchase one new veggie and give it a try.  Let me know what vegetable you tried and if you enjoyed it.  Better yet, would you buy it again.  Share this post with your friends and go on the adventure together and then let me know what you tried.  I can’t wait to hear from you.

To trying new veggies and having fun in the kitchen,


Jo-Ann Blondin

Your 9 Cup Challenge partner and Wellness Cheerleader.


Jo-Ann Blondin

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