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Six things I learned at a photography workshop

  1. Eve says:

    Great post Jo-Ann! And those sumptuous photos!!! Right now I am obsessed with light. I just want to paint my whole house white to let in the light. Perhaps it’s the season, but perhaps it perspective. What ever it is, I’m looking at the positive. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks Eve. I am a big fan of white walls and white space. It allows colour to pop and create room for ideas. Best of all, white walls allow light to bounce and make everything seem a bit brighter. And you are right, it makes for a positive view.

      Big Hug, Jo

  2. Catherine Sprod says:

    Hi Jo –
    Your points are spot on and #3 resonates loudly. Creativity is like breathing for me! Thanks for the great post.

    • Catherine, yes yes yes…..creativity is like breathing. Without it in your life, it feels like you can’t breathe. Here’s to filling our lives with joy and creative moments. So glad I met you at Finding Stillness 2016.

      Big Hug, Jo

  3. Jo, I am really loving your list, especially points number 2 and 3.

    #2, I was not surprised that the lesson you took away here wasn’t photography related. I also learned lessons on interpersonal relations including sharing a room with someone you haven’t met before. This was a first for me, but I was so glad I did. And spending 3 full days with others you haven’t met, in one large space, also a wonderful experience, and a test of our ability to keep the positive vibes going. But it wasn’t hard.

    #3, this was the most important lesson learned, and I am so glad you talked about it. I thought I was out of control with the creative thing, always needing to spend so much time at it. But I found there are others in the world that are even more so that way and it felt so very wonderful to be around them. I do not feel so odd now, just a part of a different group that gets me and I them.

    And Jo, your images are sheer delight to the eyes. I so love them! Bright, cherry, colorful – just like you!

    • Karen, thanks so much for your comments. I was asked before I left if I was open to other lessons that might come my way on this trip and I said “yes.” I was so glad I was asked to think about it in advance so I was ready to learn beyond the workshop.

      Sharing a room was nice as it meant I got to know you better. It is scary to share a room with someone you have not met but I had a feeling you would be delightful and you were.

      Finding people who enjoy using their creative gifts is special. I am delighted that Kim brought us all together so we could all grow and support each other.

      Thanks for the photo love. I am loving your daily images on Instagram.

      Big hug, Jo

  4. What a lovely post, Jo-Ann, in both words and photos. It also serves to shine a light on the lovely person that you are. I am so curious about this workshop now …. I think it’s something I need to consider for the future.

    • Marlene, Thanks so much for your kind words. Totally recommend the workshop if you want to improve your photography and styling. It is not so much about food unless you make it your thing to add to your styling. Best wishes, Jo

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