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Toasted Sesame and Fresh Turmeric Hummus – anti-inflammatory and flavourful

  1. […]  I usually use one of the hummus recipes I make Green Monster Hummus, Spicy Hummus or the latest Toasted Sesame and Fresh Turmeric Hummus along with sprouts, cucumber and maybe an avocado.  They also work well with scrambled eggs. […]

  2. A note about finding Fresh Turmeric – it is often hard to find. I have been looking for it since a lady at the Classical Yoga conference in May informed me you could buy it as a root and juice it.

    I bought mine at Organic Garage @OrganicGarage as it was suddenly there a few weeks ago. Yesterday it was not.

    Front Door Organics @FDOrganics which offers home delivery of organic produce has it in stock at times too. Check out their weekly produce box which until today I was not aware that you could get organic produce delivered to your door year round in the GTA – and some of it Ontario Grown. .You have to love Twitter for connecting people and ideas together.

    My suggestion is that if you see Turmeric Root, grab it and store in the fridge – it lasts for a few weeks.

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