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7 Drink solutions and How to survive an all inclusive resort if you seldom drink

Hello Beach Vacation and Booze Temptation, 

If you are planning a beach vacation at an all inclusive resort but seldom drink, this post is for you.  It is so hard at times when everyone else is drinking to stay focused on your wellness journey and an all inclusive resort will test you to your limits with all the unlimited booze available.

When I recently went on a mid-winter summer vacation to Punta Cana, I thought about all of you who might be wondering how you could survive an all inclusive resort if you rarely drink or don’t drink at all.  As a wellness cheerleader I walk the talk most of the time which means I rarely drink. I have allergic reactions to beer (gluten) and red wine (sulphites) and mixed drinks (sugar) so I understand your challenges.

So I created this video right down at the beach buffet to show you one very easy idea to enjoy a drink while at the beach. Call it adventures with Passion Fruit.  Be sure to watch the video to see what how you can do this too.  

Looking for more ideas – read below for 7 Drink Solutions and Low Glycemic Booze Ideas.


“Cheap Drunk” Warning

And hey, as reminder girlfriends – if you don’t usually drink and then you decide to – you are a cheap drunk so make sure you have a “Hector Protector” to look after you cause you will be dancing before the disco is open – just saying.

7 Drink Solutions and Low Glycemic Booze Ideas

  1. Enjoy water.  The hot sun will dehydrate you so make water your first choice when you are thirsty.   Leave your room cleaner an extra big tip the first day and ask her/him to ensure your fridge has double the amount of water in it so you make sure you always have lots of drinkable water.  I was able to get 4 litres a day and we drank it all everyday.
  2. Fresh Fruit Infusions. Carry water in a portable refillable water bottle with a wide lid and straw.  Fill it with water so it is 3/4 full.  Hit the buffet and add fresh juice to it or add fresh fruit to the water and mash the fruit with your straw.  This is such a refreshing drink.
  3. Go crazy for coconuts – for their water.  Some resorts serve it right from the coconut which tastes great and makes outstanding photos.  Coconut water is super rehydrating. A must for items  6 & 7 the next day – take note.
  4. Avoid the Sugary Mock-tails and slushy drinks at the resort.  The are filled with sugar and your belly will swell too fast and your cute outfits will not fit you by mid week.  Trust me on this.
  5. Avoid beer – see item 4 for belly swell concerns.  And if you have a gluten intolerance this is on the “stay away” list.
  6. Enjoy a glass of wine with dinner – yes a glass not the bottle.  Again you will thank me on this – I have seen the results the next day and you want to enjoy everyday you can in the warmth of the sun.
  7. Try vodka and gin, if you decide to have liquor.  Vodka is the lowest on the Glycemic Index with gin just slightly above it.  Have gin with tonic water and lime or mix it with a water and fruit base.  Vodka goes well with water and juice.  As you seldom drink, watch the amount they pour into your cup.  You might get a double or triple and this my friend will not leave you in a happy state later in the day if you drink too many of these.  Learn from my experience on this one.
Try passion fruits with your water for a refreshing drink.  Copyright Jo-Ann Blondin

Try passion fruit with your water for a refreshing drink.


Please enjoy all alcohol responsibly.  “You have a choice in every decision you make so make it a good choice.”  I know you choose to feel great each day on vacation and every other day that’s why you are here.    

Let me know if you have other ideas for how to survive an all inclusive resort if you seldom drink.  I would love to hear your ideas.

To your wellness and have a super time on your vacation in the warmth and sun.

Jo-Ann Blondin

Your 9 Cup Challenge partner and Vacation Wellness Cheerleader

(Hector Protector is from “Where the Wild Things Are” a very creative children’s book)

Jo-Ann Blondin

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