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Mid-morning snack idea 3 – increase your fibre and Omega-3

  1. […] Rice cake with almond butter, hemp hearts and ground flax seeds. […]

  2. […] as there is no sugar added as the apples sweeten it naturally.  I love to add it to my rice cake and almond butter mid morning snack along with hemp hearts and flax seeds.  Their orchard is in Ayton, […]

  3. […] was still there.  So I did green juice all morning and afternoon and towards late afternoon, had a rice cake with raw almond butter and took a nap.  The headache continued and I even had a slight fever.  For a later dinner, I ate […]

  4. […] goes great in a salad, cereal, or on top of a rice cake with almond butter like my friend Jo-Ann at 9 Cup Challenge suggests as a snack.  You can follow Jo-Ann on Twitter via […]

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