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9CupChallenge Green Juice – Start your day feeling great

  1. […] up to Riverbend and I can assure you, the hubby and the guy pals are not looking for a just a green juice in the morning – in fact likely not even green juice.  And when I have the ladies up, we do […]

  2. […] So today I celebrated with a lunch at RawAura with some classmates (including amazing dessert) and tonight, I am watching season three of Downton Abbey with a tall glass of green juice. […]

  3. musingmar says:

    I forgot to ask to be notified of follow-up comments, so I’m doing that now

  4. musingmar says:

    I’m curious about juicing and starting to drink your green juice. I’m wondering, do you need to make this in a juicer or can you make it in a Vitamix like a smoothie? Or blend it up in there and then strain it before drinking? Thanks, Mar

    • Jo-Ann Blondin says:

      Marlene, I use a juicer. I started with the Jack Lalanne Juicer and moved up to the Breville Ikon juicer. I use my Vitamix for smoothies like Maca Maddness or fruit smoothies that I add spinach or Chorella to as minor ingredient. You could blend the ingredients in the Vitamix and then strain it. If you try it, let me know how it works. Jo-Ann

  5. […] week, my 1/2 speed item is drinking my green juice slower to fully enjoy its wonderful flavour and to reflect upon how great it makes me feel.  So far […]

  6. […] of trying mindfulness was put aside.  I created so many new routines in the last year – green juice, shopping organic, yoga and pilates practice, walks in nature, attending school, doing this blog, […]

  7. […] the 300th day that I have enjoyed green juice to start my day.  While 93% of the days have been fresh green juice, I have used dried green powders, wheat grass and chlorella to get me through the days when travel […]

  8. […] and fruit aka the 9CupChallenge, I was amazed at how much it was to eat in one day.  I also drink green juice so I get a lot of veggies and one fruit in first thing in the morning.  My green juice is […]

  9. […] went to bed hoping sleep would cure it.  Thursday morning the headache was still there.  So I did green juice all morning and afternoon and towards late afternoon, had a rice cake with raw almond butter and […]

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