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Bring on the Happy Dance – I passed! I am officially a Holistic Nutritionist.

  1. Jo-Ann, just looking through your blog again and I can’t believe I didn’t congratulate you on your graduation! I remember seeing the post when I was out and about and meant to do that when I got home … So now, almost six months later, you get to re-experience the excitement! I was so thrilled for you, not just for graduating but for doing so well. You are such an inspiration! I can hardly wait to see what you do next 🙂

  2. Heather Law says:

    Dear Jo, Sorry for not congratulating you earlier! But I did that in person! And I just love to give huge hugs in person where I can see your beautiful face light up! You are a inspiration to us all to eat cleaner, and healthier! Many hugs your BFF Heather

    • Jo-Ann Blondin says:

      Heather, my BFF, I am so happy you did congratulate me in person and celebrated with me by creating meal that was 100% clean eating and 100% wheat- and dairy-free. I felt so loved and special. You continue to inspire me with your own personal growth and adventurous spirit. Looking forward to more time together, Jo-Ann

  3. Congratulations Jo-Ann! Here’s to continuing your amazing journey. I wish you much joy and success. Big hugs to my Organic Sister!

    • Jo-Ann Blondin says:

      Thanks Anita. To embark on such an career change and lifestyle change is difficult but having amazing supportive friends like you that make the journey way more easy and a lot more fun. Thanks for all your incredible support and best of luck with your own blog

      To Organic Sisters who are making changes starting with looking at our self first,


  4. Congratulations Jo-Ann! That’s fantastic! But I alway knew you would do well.

    The Daniluk Consulting Team wishes you well!

    Cheers, Julie

    • Jo-Ann Blondin says:

      Thanks Julie. I continue to learn and grow through the support and kindness that Lynn, Alan and you have shared. The entire team at Daniluk Consulting is making a huge difference in the world through the work you do by helping people learn about foods that heal inflammation. Thank you to the team at Daniluk Consulting – I am very grateful for your support and kindness.

      To Meals That Heal Inflammation,


  5. Congratulations, Jo-Ann! What a great accomplishment, and to do it with such flying colours – you should be (and deserve to be) very proud. With all best wishes for great things in this exciting next stage of your life!

    • Jo-Ann Blondin says:

      Thanks Katherine. I love how we have both used our blogs as we have created new chapters in our lives. I continue to learn from you how to engage a community.

      Check out Katherine’s blog at which has great local community comments.

      I will be dropping by soon to celebrate the many milestones we have accomplished in the country and the city.

      To new chapters in life, Jo-Ann

  6. Erin & Ken says:

    Way to go Jo… We never doubted it. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us! Keep being amazing! Celebrate!

    • Jo-Ann Blondin says:

      Thanks Erin and Ken. Thanks for the confidence building sessions and believing in me. It is a pleasure to help you. I will bring over some green juice to celebrate soon. Jo-Ann

  7. Jo Anne Hogg says:

    Congratulations Jo!!
    What a satisfying achievement. …and so well deserved.
    Can’t wait to share your excitement this weekend.
    Jo Anne

    • Jo-Ann Blondin says:

      Thanks Jo Anne so the encouragement over the last two years of my life change and as I became healthier and dropped the 50 lbs. A great friend through think or thin. I look forward to celebrating with you this weekend.

      Cheers, Jo

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