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9 Holiday Tips for a Joyful Holiday

Christmas 2013 at the 9CupHome - Copyright Jo-Ann Blondin

Christmas 2013 at the 9 Cup Home

Hello Holiday Happiness,

As the countdown to the holidays is upon us I wanted to share with you some tips to help you stay focused on your wellness journey so you can start 2014 feeling empowered.

  1. Drink your water. Do it first thing in the morning and try to enjoy 2-3 cups right away. As soon as hunger signs appear, drink another cup or two. Aim for your 8 cups every day. And if you have been drinking, you should try to increase your water intake. Your hangover will thank you.
  2. Start your day with green juice or a green smoothie. This way you will get veggies right away, you will nourish your body.  Be sure to include protein in your breakfast to ensure you have lots of energy and you balance your blood sugar throughout the day.
  3. Include veggies in every meal. Offer to bring a salad or green beans to every event along with a homemade dressing. This way, you know you can fill at least 50% of your plate with veggies and still enjoy some of the rich holiday foods that will be served.
  4. Keep moving. Spend 20 minute everyday of the holiday break doing a physical activity. If you can do more that is great. For beginners, maybe just do 10 minutes. This can include a walk, yoga, Pilates, stretching, stationary cycling, an elliptical machine or an epic round of vacuuming. Just move your body. It can be very easy to slip into three holiday movies and snacks so make sure you plan your activities to break-up long periods of sitting.
  5. Create healthy snacks for holiday movie night. Our family has a holiday tradition of watching It’s A Wonderful Life together. We like to enjoy snacks as we watch. So include a veggie tray, hummus, Mary’s crackers or rice crackers, some guacamole and maybe some homemade Raw Rice Paper Rolls. For drinks, some mulled apple cider or Ginger Drink would be a nice addition.
  6. Substitute booze for other drinks. For me, booze is a slippery slope that when I consume, my will power to stay focused on feeling great diminishes. I also feel like a truck hit me the next day even after one glass of wine. So I do mocktails, tea or green or veggie juice. You may want to cut back on your booze to keep focused as well, so for every drink, follow it up with a water or a drink based on 1/3 juice with 2/3 sparkling water. Or offer to be the designated driver and remain booze free.
  7. Get lots of rest. Go ahead, sleep in when you go to bed late. There is so much to do and so many people to see that your schedule will likely off. Try to get your 8 hours of sleep each night. And if your neighbour’s amazing Christmas lights are shining in your window, get out the sleep mask for a really good sleep in the dark.
  8. Listen to the stories. As you gather with your family, be sure to listen to the stories that will be shared. We often take for granted that everyone will be together again next year but it is not always so. Over the last year, my family has lost love ones, loved ones returned home and others have started new adventures. Cherish the moments together and remember the good things and leave the less positive things behind.
  9. Be grateful. Unless you have a severe allergy or sensitivity to some foods, you may want to allow yourself to indulge just a wee bit. Yes I know this sounds like permission to go crazy but I am not saying that. Just have a bit and enjoy it without guilt. But do so knowing you feel great when you eat healthy and feeling awesome every day is your goal. So be grateful that others have made some of your favorites.

So there you go – 9 tips for a wonderful holiday break that will leave you feeling ready to embrace 2014.

To living life, hugging, listening and being present with our loved ones.


Jo-Ann Blondin

Your 9 Cup Challenge partner, Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Cheerleader.




Jo-Ann Blondin

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    1. Hi Jo Anne, glad I timed it right for you then. Let me know if you have any questions on the tips and which one you found easiest to do.

      To you embracing at least one tip, Jo-Ann

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